Andrew Scott

Tattoo and Fine Art

Andrew has been pursuing both commercial and fine art since he sold his first drawing at the age of 7. Growing up in a small rural community in Ontario, art became an escape and a way of clarifying and deeping his understanding of how we perceive the natural world. During his bachelor’s degree in Animation, Andrew honed his skills in a diverse array of mediums, cultivating his love for the principles and philosophies of art masters, both historical and contemporary. After working in graphic design, illustration, animation and teaching, Andrew discovered his forever love of tattooing and has not looked back since he started tattooing full-time in 2016.

Andrew’s ever-evolving style is based on classic art masters envisioned through the lens of contemporary creators of comic book art, movie concept art, and painters such as HR Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. Andrew’s style of tattooing is difficult to define, incorporating what he has learned from realism, blackwork, and illustrative styles to create believable forms with touches of abstraction to tie the pieces together. 

Andrew prefers to work large scale in black and grey and/or with minimal accent colours. His typical and favourite subject matter is dark, macabre, psychedelic, and surreal, involving themes of fantasy, archetype, dreams, and religion. He enjoys exploring the psychology of perception through various art mediums and is currently working to become a better painter.